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Hi, there!
We're Joy & Ben Clifford

Arizona wedding photographers,
Best Friends, & Soul Mates

Proudly bringing love stories to life for couples who want their wedding day to feel like home.

Ben believes it was the Colonel’s secret recipe that did it… but Joy knew it was because he was the most genuine and funny guy she'd ever met. Either way, it’s no secret we’re complete apart, but always better together (just like you & your soul mate!).

On that very special October day in 1998, it was love at first sight (both with the fried chicken & biscuits, and each other). One month later, we were engaged, and then married on March 26, 1999. When you know, you know, right?

(& well before Pinterest, Facebook, & dating apps were around!)

Our story began years ago... with a bucket of fried chicken.

Is there a more romantic place to meet than a KFC? We think not!

Unlike most photographers, neither of us grew up with a passion for photography, or in a photographer’s household. Once upon a time, Ben and I even decided on a whim to NOT have someone professionally document our wedding day—AKA the most important day of our lives!
Seriously, what the heck were we thinking?!

(You’re obviously way ahead of us in that department, so GOOD.)

Like our love story, our road to becoming a wedding photography duo also
wasn’t so traditional.

Really, it wasn’t until we had our firstborn son, Kyan, that we learned how truly essential and priceless it is to have your once-in-a-lifetime memories captured forever.

When legacy comes too soon

In 2007, Kyan was diagnosed with rare liver cancer at just 2 years old. He went through 6 months of aggressive treatments and two liver transplants, only to have the cancer return shortly after.

At that point, our daily reality was touch and go, but Kyan's spirit continued to drive us to keep fighting. But truthfully, we had no idea how we would survive this loss.

We had a friend who was new to their portrait photography career, and he offered us a family session. At the time, we didn't realize how saying yes would fully impact us, but we are grateful to him every day.

Not only did he give us beautiful photos, but he also documented a moment in our lives we would never get back. He captured the raw love and emotion we felt that day—and even though we lost our son, we can relive the genuine joy and excitement in every picture framed on our walls through his photos.

We will forever remember that day exactly how it was because of his incredible talent and gift.


It was through this experience that we truly came to realize

And there’s nothing we love more than giving our couples the opportunity to document their wedding day in a genuine and authentic way, that will feel like home to them and future generations for eternity.

Life doesn’t
give you redos—it presents you with opportunities.

it's our honor

The opportunity to document your love story is a true honor and privilege we don’t take lightly… but we do promise to have lots of fun and lighthearted moments along the way!

It’s our honor
to capture your unique love story on camera.

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