Hi you guys! We are Joy & Ben.

We believe your wedding is more than table settings and place cards — more than the centerpieces and invitations. It's a celebration. It's a celebration shared by those you love and who love you. Family and friends, some you have known your whole life and some for only a short time.

We are committed to capturing the dynamic and unique relationships between you and your guests. When you look back on your photos, you will be able to remember the feelings of that moment.

Since you are here, we know you want photographers who are intentional about what they do. That will show up for you in a big way, before, during, and after your wedding. 

A wife and husband photography duo!

We see you. And we know all about what you're going through. But first, just in case we've never met before, allow us to tell you a little bit about each of us...

When I’m cooking my kitchen becomes the food network.
I may or may not talk to an imaginary camera, and Bobby Flay may or may not be my co-host.

There isn’t a 90’s hip hop song
I don’t know the words to.

I might like the movie Trolls
more than my 6 year old

I love scary movies.
But the cheesiest ones
are my favorite.

Me time consists of a good book, the coziest, fluffiest blanket you can imagine, and a giant mug of tea.

I love true crime podcasts and novels. 
-Stay sexy and don't get murdered.
-Stay out of the forest.
-Pepper spray first, apologize later.

Caring, nurturer, awesome cook, amazing mom. Loves yoga, pilates and Chris Hemsworth (not in that order). Professional critic of street tacos, burgers, and a die hard true crime fan. 

joy clifford

Where Did We Meet?



Hair caught on fire at a wedding?

How long we dated?

4 weeks

Years married?


Our Favorite Food?


Joy waits on ME to get ready. #beardproblems

I wanted to name my daughter Shelby after the car... Joy said no.

My daughter's middle
name is Peyton... After the football great, Peyton Manning.

I believe comics are not just for kids!

There is no ice cream flavor
I will not try.

Like all true love stories, we met at KFC. I don't know, maybe it was the Colonel's secret herbs and spices?

Artist, thinker, soft-spoken, planner. Lover of muscle cars, fine art, and old army movies. Vegetarian only when Joy asks. Ice cream connoisseur (Yeah that’s a thing). And believes everything is better with bacon. 

ben clifford

Imagine it's six years after your wedding. It's stormy outside. You're curled up with your daughter in your favorite cozy blanket. Something warm to drink in one hand, music playing, and your wedding album resting on your lap. As you flip through the pages, you are transported back to your wedding day. There you are with your bridesmaids laughing as you are having your hair and makeup done, while you can’t remember what was so funny at that moment, you do feel the joy you felt that day bubbling back up in you. The small details that have faded into memory start to come back, and you can almost smell the perfume you wore. Your daughter asks, "Mom, why is daddy crying?" And you remember that your now-husband cried when he first saw you, even though he swore he wasn't going to. You remember the feelings you had as you look at each page, as you get lost in the memories.

It's more than just photographs!

Our couples describe our work as authentic, real, and full of emotion.

OUR WORK HAS BEEN FEATURED IN TOP PUBLICATIONS... including Bride and Groom Magazine, Style Me Pretty, The Knot, Arizona Weddings Magazine, Two Bright Lights, Ultimate Wedding Magazine, Wedding Wire, It Started With Yes, Borrowed and Blue, Luxe Mountain Weddings, Wedding Colors, and Trendy Groom, among others. 

Hear it from some of our past clients!

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