Knowledge comes in so many forms; for us, the most impactful way we experienced it for ourselves was through mentorships. Having us as as mentors means you have someone you can go to with questions and concerns, we will help you identify areas of your business that need a little help, and work beside you to fix them. We will ask you the hard questions and challenge you positively.

We are Joy and Ben, a married photography duo! We love to help other photographers, so they can build the photography business they have dreamt of. Let us put our knowledge and experience to work for you, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes we did!

Reach Your Goals!

One-on-one mentorships

First things first, we want to know about you and your goals. Let’s find out where you are and where you’ve been so we can come up with a plan to move forward. Our mentorships begin with a simple questionnaire and follow-up phone call.

The Details

Every photographer has a different goal for their business. Some might want to focus on creating a client experience or building their cliental. Others may want to focus on a different aspect of their business, like website, SEO, or how much to charge.

The Details

After reviewing your questionnaire and our initial phone call, together we’ll set up an action plan specifically catered to you and your business. We then send our recommended action plan to you. This way you know what to expect from us for each session we will have together.

The Details

Now the fun begins! In this stage, we work with you to help you accomplish your goals based on the plan we developed together. Here we'll have the hour-long video call sessions, and phone calls to cover any follow-up questions. Our goal here is to dig in and help you succeed.

The Details

We want you feel confident and ready to implement everything we have covered. We’ll make sure you know you’re not alone once our sessions end. During your sessions and after, you can reach out to us with follow up questions. Not only did you gain mentors, but you also gained friends.

The Details

If having someone in your corner that is there specifically to help you succeed in your goals sounds like a good idea to you, then let's talk. We want to hear from you. You don't have to try to do this on your own. The next step is to click the link below, send us an email. We'll take it from there.

The Details

mentor sessions

Our mentorships focus on you and your goals. We partner with you to help carry the load. We are with you, 100% of the time. Ready to help guide you and gently nudge you towards your goals. 

What's a mentorship like with us?

This is a single session mentorship package. It consists of a one hour long, one-on-one video call. This is a great option if you are wanting to ask questions about one specific topic. Whatever you might want to go over, we will be there with you! Let's look at your business with a laser like focus.


Single Session

This is a three session mentorship package. Each session consists of a one hour long, one-on-one video call. Sessions span over the course of three weeks. This is the perfect option for most photographers. We work with you, taking on some of your biggest challenges and get them solved.


Three Sessions

This is a six session mentorship package. Each session consists of a one hour long, one-on-one video call. Sessions span over the course of six weeks. This is the ideal option for brand new photographers or photographers who need a bit more help in multiple areas and topics.  


Six Sessions

custom options available upon request


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You wake up every morning excited to tackle the challenges of your business, because you have the knowledge you need to handle it like a pro. We are only one email or phone call away.

Because you know what happens when you have someone on your side? 

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