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We know what it feels like to have someone on your side, to help guide you. Someone that can answer your questions with a different perspective and can challenge you. And you know what it felt like when we finally had someone on our side? It was like a breath of fresh air. We went from being full of unanswered questions and self doubt to understanding and focused. Let’s dive in and focus on your goals. We’ve got you!

Reaching your photography goals can sometimes feel like an impossible dream. Early on, we felt that way too. It was hard and it was scary. It was six years ago when we started our journey. We learned by trial and error, practicing and failing, finding out what works and what doesn't the hard way. Honestly, if we had someone early on that was on our side and could help guide us, we would have saved ourselves time, money, frustration and heartbreak. 

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part of your journey!

love to be a part

Here you’ll find our resources essential for photographers. Some of which are entirely free! In the shop, we have fantastic freebies like our exclusive wedding timelines, our essential wedding shot list with photo examples, and vital SEO tips. Also in the shop is our custom preset that we use on all our photos. And coming soon, our online courses and guides!

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Our mentoring workshops are six hours all over one day. We will show you exactly how we talk to our couples, pose our couples, settings we use, and more. Then follow it up with the chance to take a turn and implement it for yourself with a styled session to finish off the day. You will walk away with education and amazing photos for your portfolio.

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During your mentorship, you will have a one-hour-long mentor video call- covering a specific area of your business that you might like a little extra help with, together we create a plan and kick it into high gear! Fact: you're never alone. You'll be able to contact us directly at anytime, to answer any questions, brainstorm or ask us for advice. Bottom line, we are here for you.

mentoring includes:

investment starts at $300

1:1 mentoring

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Remember those notes you passed in grade school? “Check this box if you like me?” Well, this is kind of like that but less awkward. Let’s start with an email or phone call and see where things go, no pressure. Just fill out the handy dandy contact form, and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

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