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Best Tips For Wedding Dress Shopping

As we were pondering the best tips for wedding dress shopping, we thought, we’re photographers, not wedding dress pros. So we reached out to our good friends at Bride Studio in Glendale, Arizona and asked for their help! They came up with a list that is not only awesome but super helpful for all future brides! Check out their fantastic advice below!

The wedding dress of your dreams is sometimes just an appointment (or two) away if you plan ahead and want to avoid feeling overwhelmed!

There’s nothing more dreamy than stepping foot into a bridal salon for the first time in your life — the rows of white fabrics, lace and gorgeous silhouettes make this moment one of the most enchanting and probably one of the first “ahhhhhh I can’t believe, I am getting married” moments as it’s one of the first truly emotional in your wedding planning journey.
So, before you dive into this once in a lifetime experience, it is nice to keep a few things in mind to make the most of your wedding dress search. Here are a few tips:

1. Keep Your Entourage Small.

When selecting your wedding dress, it is important you only bring your closest friends and family. Finding what you truly love will be easier than being overwhelmed or pressured by too many opinions.

2. Don’t Allow Bridal Sizes To Scare You.

Bridal sizes tend to run smaller, that’s typically the standard and it’s okay! Don’t get down if the gown you try on is much bigger than your street clothes size. We promise it’s NOT you – it’s the dress. Really.

3. Set A Budget For Selecting A Wedding Dress.

This is important! While it might be uncomfortable to talk numbers, you want to save yourself from heartache later on. There are many designers with different price points and you do not want to walk into a boutique without knowing your max budget and then regretting falling in love with something you cannot pay for. Factor in extra costs when deciding on this amount: alterations, accessories, etc.

4. Be Happy In Your Own Skin.

The silhouettes you like now while shopping tend to match with the silhouette you will choose in your bridal gown. If it makes you feel pretty and comfortable, don’t feel forced to try every single silhouette out there if you’re not comfortable with a specific cut on your body. At the end of the day, you will be the one wearing this dress for hours and it’s best to feel good about it!

5. Keep Your Theme/Colors In Mind.

When shopping for the dress, it’s good to keep the entire picture of your wedding in mind as there are many different shades of colors as well as fabrics you want to decide on that will match best to your overall wedding style.

6. Visualize What You Like.

It can be hard to start from nothing, but if you pick a few adjectives to describe your dream dress, you will go in a good direction. Classic? Vintage? Comfortable? Sweet? Sexy? They can all give you a clear vision of how you want to look on your big day and it will help you narrow down your choices.

7. There’s No “Rules.”

It’s okay if you find your gown on the very first visit to a bridal boutique … it’s okay if you have to try every single silhouette out there. There’s no norms when it comes to your own experience of searching for your dream dress… when you realize you love every piece of a dress, it will be clear you are done searching.

8. When You Know, You Just Know.

The gown that makes you feel the MOST beautiful is the gown you should choose. It’s okay if you don’t cry; in fact, more than half of our brides don’t. If anything, it’s about you seeing yourself walking down the aisle to your true love if you absolutely love it and feel like yourself and it’s giving you that unexplainable “magical” feeling…that is most likely “THE ONE”!

9. Make An Appointment At Your Desired Bridal Shop.

Be sure to call ahead of time and make an appointment to ensure you will get time with a knowledgeable consultant to help make your search easier, as most private bridal showrooms are exclusive and limited to availability.

10. Shop Early.

It’s never good to be in a rush as it can create stress and even rush-fees to pay for. Most bridal gown designers take 4-8 months to deliver dresses, so keep your timeline in mind when starting your search.

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