Top 5 Reasons Why You Need A Wedding Day First Look


July 19, 2018

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need A Wedding Day First Look

The wedding day first look… when he sees you in your dress, your hair all done up, and your face absolutely glowing. You probably imagine this moment taking place as you take that first step the aisle. And you probably imagine him absolutely losing his composure at the sight of you.

A lot of our couples worry about tradition when they consider whether or not to take a few quiet moments before the ceremony for “first look” photographs. Some are worried that they’ll ruin that “kapow!” effect at the altar, while others—people who otherwise wouldn’t flinch at the sight of a black cat—wax superstitious at the whole “groom not seeing the bride” wive’s tale.

While we honor our clients’ decision, no matter their reason, we have some compelling arguments in favor of planning pre-ceremony first look photographs… and we promise that, in our experience and that of the vast majority of our past clients, the “sneak peek” does nothing to detract from the powerful emotions when the music swells, the guests take their feet, and the groom hits the floor!

1. A Romantic, Quiet Moment Together

Think about it for a moment: After the ceremony, when will you have intimate time to enjoy one another the rest of the day? After all, when the groom sees you walking down the aisle, he can’t reach out and touch your cheek or tell you how gorgeous you are… not until you’ve left the church and been whisked away for family portraits. Really, it’s excruciating to have to suffer through the service to give each other a passionate smooch. Why wait? (After all, you can always touch up your makeup.)

So many of our couples have told us how surprised they were by the overwhelming feeling of romance they experienced during their first look session. Joy and I felt it, too! Like love at first sight, all over again. And you’ll definitely be grateful to have these intimate moments because the rest of the day will be a whirlwind.

2. Get a Jump On Your Portraits

You’ll hardly notice us during your first look; we’ll be in the background capturing some of the most genuine, emotion-driven candids we’ll get on your wedding day. And these are going to be spectacular!

If you’d like, once you’ve both composed yourselves (or not; we’re good with joyful tears), we can get some quick posed portraits out of the way, without all the distractions of friends and family on the sidelines. We promise that these first look photos will be the most powerful in your album, as you remember just how each of you felt at that exact moment.

3. Get MORE Portraits

Not only will you get more compelling portraits of the two of you, but you’ll get about 40% more portraits overall. Once in a while during your reception, we’ll lure you away (as appropriate) to take advantage of the scenery and natural light, but for the most part, we try and keep the posed portraits to a minimum.

While your guests are waiting for you and your core family members to wrap up the formals, you’re missing out on the fun; everyone’s seeing one another for the first time—possibly in years—and you want to spend as little time as possible lining up for your planned group portraits, or off as a couple for those fairy-tale images you’ve been dreaming of.

The first look part of your day, if you plan a little extra time, ensures that you get as many photos of the two of you (or each of you, individually) as you’d like. Sometimes, our couples opt to bring in their attendants for bridal party shots, as well.

4. Chase Away the Jitters!

Everyone gets nervous! You’ve probably heard of brides and grooms who felt so rattled that they hardly remembered their ceremonies. This prelude to your wedding ceremony will be a way for you to revel in one another and, as many of our couples have said, gain strength from each other as you brace yourselves for your big day.

Get Zen. Plan a first look!

5. It’s Sweet and Easy

It’s tempting to call the first look portion of your day as a “session”, but in reality, we as photographers are the last thing you’re thinking about as you see one another for the first time. Together, we’ll plan to set aside 30-60 minutes (or more, if you’d like) when there’s nobody around but you… and us. We’ll select a spot that suits the lighting conditions, and one that’s convenient for both of you to meet up between getting ready and departing for the ceremony.

And then, the rest is up to you.

Once again, we don’t want to force our suggestion on you, but we really do recommend a pre-ceremony wedding day first look. As for tradition… don’t they say the groom can’t see the bride the night before the wedding? Unless you’re having a midnight, moonlight ceremony, you’re definitely in the clear… and as for black cats, the worst they can do is get fur all over your spectacular wedding dress!

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