Our Tag Team: Why Two Wedding Photographers Are Better Than One


September 26, 2018

Why Two Wedding Photographers Are Better Than One

Our tag team philosophy and why two wedding photographers are better than one has been proven time and time again. Joy and I, when we work together as part of a two-photographer team, solve the dilemma many solo wedding photographers (and more than a few photojournalists) face: If only I could be two places at once! My wife is more than just a “second camera”. She contributes her own personal perspective on events, helps cover important wedding highlights in one area when I’m focused on another, and as a talented wedding photographer capable of being the “lead”, I can trust her to be my backup in case something unexpected happens to me. Which, by the way, hasn’t happened yet. 

Here’s how you’ll benefit from our husband and wife photography team! 

Why Two Wedding Photographers Are Better Than One Photo of Ben and Joy Clifford laughing

Two is One and One is None

I know it might be odd to bring up military mantras when discussing romantic weddings, but “two is one and one is none” is a Navy Seals term used to emphasize the importance of redundancy. Joy and I one hundred percent use strategy to provide our clients with the best coverage possible and to step up if the other has to step away, though I’ll hold off on using terms like “tactical strike” and “infiltration” to describe how efficiently we work—and how comfortable you and your guests will feel around us!

Joy Clifford portrait Benjamin Clifford Portrait

Getting Ready Shots: More Flexibility & Character

While Joy hangs outs with you and your attendants as they get ready, I get to photograph the groom and his guys… or vice-versa. You don’t often get to see getting ready shots of the groomsmen, and I really think it’s an important part of the story. Guys like to do stuff like make toasts, smoke cigars, flail around with their ties, and yes—they get weepy and huggy just like the ladies do. 

I can still bounce between dressing areas for detail shots, and Joy can do the same for candids. Having both of us photographing this special part of the day frees up time for some pre-ceremony portraits or, should you decide, a “first look” before you walk down the aisle.

Why Two Wedding Photographers Are Better Than One Photo of Benjamin Clifford on Stool

More Candid Coverage During Portrait Shoots

Joy’s great at helping our family portrait subjects relax. She can take candids from the sidelines, or sneak off to capture other guests during the family or couple portrait sessions. When you have two photographers shooting your wedding you don’t have to worry about your photographer being tied down to a single location. 

And those locations might be off-site if you have some favorite Phoenix landmarks you’d like to use as your wedding portrait backdrops. 

Why Two Wedding Photographers Are Better Than One Photo of Joy Clifford on Stool

Dynamic Perspectives During the Ceremony

You’ve been to weddings before. All eyes (and the lead camera) are on you, but who’s photographing your groom’s reaction when you’re walking down the aisle? During the ceremony’s highlights, we can get more images of the venue, the details, you and your groom, and the guests, and we’re far more likely to catch your dad wiping away those tears or the Best Man making a pass at your Maid of Honor. 

Portrait Of Joy Clifford Portrait Of Benjamin Clifford

Better Coverage at the Reception

Ceremony coverage is one thing, but wedding receptions? That’s when all the action happens. Having two wedding photographers on the scene, especially if you’ve booked your wedding at one of central Arizona’s sprawling indoor/outdoor venues, is a must as far as Joy and I are concerned. Our past clients agree! Here’s where you’ll get more depth to your reception coverage:

  • Crowd reactions during speeches, cake cutting, and special dances
  • Two angles on the father/daughter, mother/groom dances
  • I can take time for some architectural shots
  • One of us can be indoors, while the other is outside

I can keep an eye on you and your groom while Joy focuses on your guests. When I can make you two my priority, I’m able to nail those spontaneous candids when all the elements are perfect… when you’ve stepped into the perfect lighting, or in front of amazing scenery. (Once in a while, I might pull you away to take advantage of these opportunities, but only when it’s appropriate.)

Why Two Wedding Photographers Are Better Than One Photo of Benjamin and Joy Clifford sitting

Double the Returns on Your Wedding Photography Investment

When you book a two-photographer team, you get more wedding photos, a multi-dimensional visual wedding story, and peace of mind knowing one of us is always at the ready for those important moments. You can see us both at work in one of our “Behind the Scenes” videos, and you can reach out to us at Benjamin Clifford Photography to learn more about each of us and our passion for what we do!

Why Two Wedding Photographers Are Better Than One Photo of Benjamin and Joy Clifford looking at camera

  1. I like the idea of having two wedding photographers so that you can reaction shots of the crowd during speeches or while cutting the cake. I love seeing how people react to things so I think this would make a lot more fun and interesting. I’ll see what my fiancee thinks about getting two photographers for our wedding in the fall so we can have full coverage of the event.

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