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Sedona Engagement Photography

Couple walking in Sedona with mountain views

Today our Sedona Engagement Photography session landed us at Crescent Moon Ranch. We love this Sedona location because it has many unique landscapes and much to offer. We love the view of red rocks from every direction as you walk the tree-lined paths of the forest. Amber and George filled us in on life, family, and future wedding plans. George has two little girls, which I couldn’t wait to get in front of my camera! However, I suppose I’ll have to wait until September for that adventure.

And So It Begins…

Deep in conversation, George mentions his interests in photography. His questions are intelligent, precise, and interests genuine. Right then, Amber smiles, moving a strand of hair from her eye as if on cue. As she walked beside him holding his hand, our cameras turned, and we were off to the races. The Shoot has officially begun! We watched George’s face light up as he spoke of his interests. And how Amber’s eyes gleam at him as if she’s hanging on his every word. We would have been fools to have missed this genuine, candid moment. And that was just the beginning; we had broken the ice, and all anxiousness dissipated. We were off with a deep breath and newfound excitement; these two were naturals.

As we moved from each unique location, one thing was for sure. Amber and George’s one-of-a-kind Sedona engagement session began to take form and tell the world their love story. With each step. We could document their unique personalities simply by a laugh and a glimpse of affection. With every click of our shutter, we captured genuine smiles that graced their lips. Above all, these two found a whole lot more than crystals and vortexes in Sedona that day!

Our Sincerest Thank You.

As we know, every couple has their own romantic love story, and Amber and George flew from Washington, D.C., to share theirs with us! In short, you are an incredible, affectionate, and fun-loving couple, not to mention beautiful parents. And we are honored to have captured each of these authentic moments for you. To sum it up, with your wedding right around the corner, we can say with total confidence; that your story is one for the books, and the best is yet to come!

To inquire about our Sedona engagement photography sessions visit us over at Joy and Ben Photography. Also, to read more about our couples and their stories visit our blog Joy and Ben Photography Blog!

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