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Salt River Engagement Session

Ben and I would like to introduce you all to Courtney and Charlie. We love their incredible Salt River engagement session and are so excited to share it! But first, let’s get comfy, and settle in for a good read about the story of Courtney and Charlie.

Charlie and Joshua were childhood best friends. They met on the bus on the first day of Kindergarten. You can almost picture how adorable this kindergarten friendship was, and the first time Charlie met Josh’s older sister Courtney. What’s incredible is that this wasn’t just a childhood friendship; it was a family friendship. Courtney and Charlie’s childhood homes were only 2 miles apart. Courtney and Charlie have been in each other’s lives for 25 years!

For years, Courtney saw Charlie as her little brother’s best friend. Now, this wasn’t exactly something that put him on her radar as “husband material,” if you know what I mean. What did put Charlie on her radar was, she saw him as an intelligent, well-mannered young man. And Charlie saw Courtney as the beautiful, personable, and hard-working older sibling of his best friend. The two of them developed a sense of mutual admiration and respect for one another. And Charlie had developed an unwavering crush on Courtney!

By now, the tables were starting to turn in Charlie’s favor; his whit and intelligence – had officially caught Courtney’s eye! Courtney specifically remembers a night back in 2016 where she thought to herself, “is Charlie flirting me?”And you guessed it; Charlie was, indeed, flirting with Courtney. An intrigued Courtney allowed the flirtation to continue throughout the night. Soon, Charlie had developed an over-inflated sense of confidence and thought that maybe, Courtney was into him! But, little did he know Courtney and her girlfriends had already begun to notice his devilishly handsome good looks!

Charlie will tell you that he caught Courtney’s eye in June of 2017, in LA at Josh’s Birthday celebration. And it was there at Courtney’s favorite karaoke bar; the two officially hit it off! However, they quickly realized they did not want this moment to end. As the weekend continued, that feeling not only stayed with them but grew. A few weeks passed, and Charlie planned a second visit to Los Angeles, this time for Courtney, not her brother!

During our Salt River engagement session, Ben and I like to do a little first date Q&A session with our couples. They both said they were incredibly nervous. They both confirmed that they ate at a tasty little tapas restaurant called Manchego. Courtney told us that when she looked into his eyes, she could feel butterflies in her stomach. That night she said to Charlie, “you make me nervous.” Charlie was able to describe the exact outfit that Courtney wore that evening!

After one year into their long-distance relationship, Courtney moved back home to Tucson and in with Charlie. About a year after, on a hike through Sedona’s Chicken Point, Charlie proposed. To Courtney’s surprise, both sets of their parents emerged from their leafy hiding spots right as Charlie got down on one knee. In other words, you could say they had gone to Sedona to hike and admire the rocks, and Courtney went home with one! Both families knew that this moment was 21 years in the making!

Courtney and Charlie, you are two of the kindest souls we have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Your love is genuine, selfless, and sincere. You have such generous hearts. Your love for each other and your families is unwavering. In addition, your engagement session is stunning; there isn’t a single photo we don’t love. Above all, you are truly beautiful inside and out! Courtney and Charlie, we are so honored to have you as part of our Joy and Ben family.

To inquire about one of our Salt River engagement sessions visit us over at Joy and Ben Photography!

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