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Desert Salt River Engagement

We met Allisa and Nick in the desert for their Salt River engagement Session. Ben journeyed on ahead of us as he is the designated rattlesnake lookout! As we walked, they filled us in on how they met at a college backyard BBQ. I noticed Nick starting to blush as Allisa glanced his way. She said,” The only words Nick said to me were how mixing sweet tea and lemonade made an Arnold Palmer!” We all laughed at this incredibly unique pickup line, however, when you see the girl of your dreams; saying anything that makes sense is a big win! And, here we were at their desert Salt River engagement session, so I guess it worked.

If you haven’t guessed yet Nick is the quiet, super chill one and Allisa is a little more bold and outgoing. Before their first date, Nick called his Grandparents and spilled the beans about Allisa and how excited he was. At that moment those pesky tears caught in the back of my throat. Allisa confessed that this was the most nervous she had ever been before a date. So when they said,” They both knew that they had something special, even before the first date.”

Ben and I knew exactly what they meant, we felt it 22 years ago, and when you know you know.

They mentioned their love of Pizzookies, yes pizza cookies, a sweet and delicious memento from their first date. They love them so much they purchased special pans so they can make them at home whenever they are together. But more importantly, after college Allisa moved to Texas and Nick to Indiana! What’s so incredible about Allisa and Nick is how different they are, yet have an incredibly successful long-distance relationship. They spoke of how hard work and communication in a their relationship has brought them closer together.

Allisa and Nick you are examples of what can be accomplished together and separately, here or hundreds of miles away. Your relationship has grown from a 2018 backyard BBQ to something truly unique and special. We admire that through the ups and downs, you have always loved and supported each other even from far away. Allisa and Nick we are so grateful to have met the two of you. And we are beyond excited to document your upcoming wedding in Sedona!

To inquire about one of our desert Salt River engagement sessions visit us over at Joy and Ben Photography. Also to read more about our couples and their stories visit our blog Joy and Ben Photography Blog!

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