White Sands Engagement Session


July 3, 2019

The Long Drive

There we were four hours later. We were still driving in our car. Joy making us listen to her new 90’s hip hop mix playlist. She yelled out, “I mean, who doesn’t sing along with Will Smith’s getting jiggy with it?” It was true. In true carpool karaoke fashion, we both were letting it fly. The anticipation of what was about to come was almost unbearable. Similar to when you were a child trying to go to bed on Christmas eve. To say we were excited would be a massive understatement. We have wanted to photograph a White Sands engagement session for a very, very long time. And today was the day!

The Couple

We first met Alisa almost three years ago. She was a bridesmaid at a wedding we photographed, so we knew her a little. Jim, we had met for the first time, and right away we liked him. They had a beautiful connection that made it fun to be with them.

The Location

Upon entering the park, the first thing we noticed was how blinding bright it was. Similar to doing a session in bright snow on a sunny day. Only it was 94 degrees, and the reflection of the sand was intense.

As we started the session, Alisa said what all couples are thinking, “we are super awkward at getting our pictures taken.” Joy and I laugh every time someone says that. I think most couples feel that way. It’s not normal to have a camera pointed at you constantly. So we get it. As a result of this, we know how to take your mind off of the camera pointed at you. Allowing yourself to have fun and be natural.

The Love

As we started photographing, we quickly realized they were wrong. Alisa and Jim both were naturals. With every shutter click, we became more and more excited.

“Oh, man, so good!”
“Seriously you guys!”
“I can’t believe this!”

In the end we drove away with some amazing photos, and a fun experience. Do you know what we were the most excited about though? The love these two had for each other was unreal. We felt it. It was in the way Alisa talked to Jim, and Jim to Alisa. It was caring, nurturing, supportive, and fun. It was in the looks and smiles they shared. Our goal ultimately during a session is to deliver beautiful photos AND hopefully help that couple fall just a little more in love with each other.

Check out more of this amazing White Sands engagement session here!

  1. Julia says:

    Amazing! Love the emotion.

  2. Chris says:

    What an incredible wedding and you documented it perfectly.

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